New species of Tapir discovered in the Amazon rainforest

It Is one of the most significant wildlife discoveries of the past twenty years, and the first new species of Tapir to be discovered since 1865.  Existing in Brazil and Columbia’s grasslands and rainforest, it is well known to the indigenous tribes which inhabit its habitat.  It is the smallest of the five types of Tapir now known to Science, weighing around 240 pounds fully-grown, with darker hair and shorter legs than the already familiar Brazilian Tapir.

Tribes in the region have reported a different form of Tapir existing in their forests for decades, yet the zoological community had overlooked the possibility until relatively recently.  Research into the new species began ten years ago, with genetic specimens and its physical appearance ultimately proving it was indeed a new species.  Sadly, it will almost certainly be classified as endangered once further research is carried out into its distribution, in line with all other Tapir species that are already threatened by persistent hunting and habitat loss.

Copyright: Cozzuol et al.
Copyright: Cozzuol et al.

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