Badger Footage Compilation

Earlier this week, with the lighter nights now with us, we started making evening visits to our local wood again; in the hope of spotting our badgers and foxes. On the second night, just as dusk was giving way to darkness and our legs began to seize up, two adult badgers made a brief appearance. Upon arriving we had set up my remote camera, so we left fairly hopeful of capturing some fresh footage. You can view what we got below.

During April, Badgers become a lot more active and spend much of their time foraging for one of their favourite foods- earthworms, which are plentiful at this time of year. Cubs begin exploring their sett entrance, though the sow remains very protective and won’t allow them to venture far from here.

One observation we made from watching the video clips was that they were much more active during the calm, dry and unseasonably warm weather, with sightings dramatically decreasing with the onset of windy, wet and cold conditions by the weekend. This does fit with the norm for this species, which is known to be more reluctant to leave the sett during blustery periods as it feels less safe. Foxes on the other hand, who predominantly spend their time above ground, are less put off by adverse weather.

We’re eagerly anticipating seeing our first badger cubs soon- we’ll keep you posted!


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